Below are just a few of the services we offer:

Small Animal Care
When it’s time for your yearly vaccinations we offer packages for both cats and dogs! Our yearly packages include a comprehensive exam, heartworm test, fecal to check for any unwanted intestinal parasites, yearly boosters including the rabies vaccine, distemper-parvo booster, and bordetella, as well as a complimentary nail trim. We also offer puppy and kitten plans for any new additions to your family! Call us to find out more and schedule an appointment.

Laser Surgery

Cold Laser Therapy
If your pet has been suffering from any muscle or joint pain, or slowing down and having trouble with every day movement, laser therapy might be the right choice for you! Conditions that can be improved with laser therapy are arthritis, acute and chronic pain, back injuries, sprains and strains, inflammation and edema, and wound healing. With laser therapy there are fewer risks and no use of drugs or sedation is needed. This non-surgical treatment may be beneficial for your pet giving them a happier healthier life in their old age.

Dental Cleanings
Dental cleanings are an important part of your pets health. They prevent periodontal disease and help keep their hearts healthy, not to mention they’ll have fresh breath to give you kisses with!

We offer baths and nail trims to both cats and dogs. These services are also offered to any pets that are boarding before they leave our facility to go back home.

Microchipping is a safe way to ensure that your pet always has identification on them! No sedation is needed and we register your chip with HomeAgain for you. If your pet is ever lost, they can be scanned at any animal clinic or shelter and your information can be retrieved from the microchip number.

Your furry friend is welcome to come stay with us any time. We offer both day and night boarding. All vaccinations are required to come stay with us. We would be happy to give them to them upon arrival if they are due.