Baths and Nail Trims

We’re here for all of your buddy’s health needs… but, we’re also here to help keep them clean, and looking good!

Ask us about the following services for your pet…


If your pal got into some mud, or just needs a freshening up for healthier, better-smelling hair and skin… you can schedule a bath with us, which will be performed by a veterinary assistant.

This service includes an anal gland expression (for dogs), and a nail trim. Upon request, we can also use a medicated shampoo to help with seasonal allergies and itchiness.

Nail trims

If your furry best friend’s nails are getting a little too sharp, we can help!

This service helps to prevent nail overgrowth, and aids in preventing scratches to both furniture and people.

For most pets, it’s a quick procedure that can be done in 15 minutes or less. But, to avoid waiting, you’ll want to schedule an appointment.

Ready to schedule your pal’s “spa day” or nail trim?

Give us a call at 863-688-7000, or request an appointment time.